MSc in Wild Animal Biology, Royal Veterinary College and Zoological Society of London, 2012; BA (Hons) Natural Sciences (Zoology), University of Cambridge, 2011.

Victoria completed her MSc in Wild Animal Biology in 2012, focussing on the epidemiology and conservation of captive and free-living wild animals. She joined LTS in 2014, having spent 18 months volunteering with wildlife and conservation organisations in Paraguay, Kenya, and the UK. This experience helped Victoria develop valuable field research skills and the drive to work towards ensuring more informed, effective and sustainable natural resource management in some of the most World’s most important, and threatened, areas of biodiversity.

She has a keen interest in biodiversity conservation through a sustainable development lens, and is heavily involved with the Malawi Shire River Basin biodiversity, natural habitats and ecosystem services project as a research analyst.


Monitoring, Evaluation and Administrative Manager of the Darwin Initiative and the Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund Nile Story Support to the Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund Evaluation of Denmark's Climate Change Funding for Developing Countries Strengthening the Information Base of Natural Habitats, Biodiversity and Environmental Services in the Shire Basin




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