MSc Forestry, Oxford University (UK) 1997; B.Sc. Ecology (Hons Forestry), Edinburgh University, 1992

Kirsti’s key expertise lies in bringing people together to learn, share their experience and improve their performance – through facilitated process and appropriate actions and products. She has over 13 years of experience at field and policy level, and understands the realities of the rural poor, state authorities and market drivers. Using collaborative skills in both public and private sectors, her work supports policy change and social development, and she has linked policy and practice in the challenging areas of community enterprise, local resource management, and national forest programmes. Her approach focuses on getting people to think beyond their own day-to-day in order to consider the wider impacts and potentials of what they do and how they could do it better. Kirsti has a personal mission to see knowledge become increasingly accessible – she is our champion on delivering “dissemination” services.


Feedback Grievance Redress Mechanism MEL Unit for DFID Nepal's Resilience Portfolios Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme Climate Smart Agriculture Zambia - Impact Evaluation Evaluation and Learning Partnership on Financing Forest and Forest Related Enterprises Natural Resource Management & Poverty Reduction Project Timber Forest Products Marketing Study Programme on Capacity Building for National Forest Programmes Forest Governance Learning Group Study on the Impact of Market-Based Instruments and Initiatives on the Trade in Forest Products and Sustainable Forest Management National Forest Programme Support Services to the South Africa Forestry Programme Establishment of the Nuratau-Kyzylkum Biosphere Reserve as a Model for Biodiversity Conservation Market Development of Bamboo and Rattan Products with Potential Improved Forest Management for Sustainable Livelihoods Programme Regional Climate Change Programme Capability Statement on Scottish Education Institutions European Union Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Facility Development Innovation Fund Voluntary Partnership Agreement - Legality Assurance Systems and European Union Green Public Procurement Capacity Building of Timber Validation Department, Voluntary Partnership Agreement Development of a Water Master Plan Mama Misitu: Addressing Forest Governance in Tanzania Technical Assistance to the ACP Secretariat - Global Climate Change Alliance Monitoring and Evaluation within Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation Development of the National Adaptation Plan Studies for Understanding Timber Flows and their Control Analysis of the Fiscal Regime for Forestry in Liberia Enhancing Community Resilience Programme: M&E Services Integrated Assessment of Land Use Options Global Climate Change Alliance Communications Identification of a Global Climate Change Alliance Project in Liberia Policy Briefs - Inside Stories in Climate Compatible Development Programme-level Monitoring and Evaluation Services for the Strategic Climate Institutions Programme and Climate High Level Investment Programme iCoast: Understanding the Fiscal and Regulatory Mechanisms Necessary to Achieve Climate Compatible Development in the Coastal Zone Productive Safety Net Programme and Household Asset Building Programme: Climate Smart Initiative Framework Agreement for Climate, Forestry and Low-Carbon Development Communications Materials for Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation Nile Story Bioenergy for Sustainable Energy Access in Africa LTS' Kirsti and Matt published an article in the Evaluator! Meta-evaluation of the Renewable Energy Portfolio Framework Agreement governing the purchase of consultancy services for climate, forestry and low-carbon development Framework Agreement governing the purchase of consultancy services for climate, forestry and low-carbon development




Today at #2019EvalPrague we have been presenting on our experience with earth observation for evaluation.…
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