MSc Transport Planning and Engineering, Napier University, 2014 MA (Hons) Geography, University of Edinburgh, 2009

Brendan joined LTS in 2010 and his primary responsibility is developing proposals for new business, including sourcing relevant expertise. Prior to joining LTS, Brendan had conducted research in Iceland on socio-economic change following the introduction of fishing quotas and in the Netherlands on issues including inclusive transport and gentrification. Brendan’s MSc thesis considered the optimal features of a public bicycle hire system for a city such as Edinburgh and his MA (Hons) thesis looked at civil society’s attempt to revolutionise the political landscape in Ukraine in the 2004 “Orange Revolution”. At LTS, Brendan also provides project management services and consultancy support to LTS projects, including conducting annual report, final report, and fellowship reviews of Darwin Initiative biodiversity conservation projects. He is a focal point for business development matters at LTS’ head office, including management of tendering processes (including for a number of LTS’ largest contracts) and capacity building of other staff in business development processes. He also reports on the progress of LTS’ tendering performance and conducts research on prospective new tendering opportunities and partnerships.


Framework Agreement on Agriculture, Forestry and Environment Mid-Term Review of the Swedish Financing Support to the Rural Energy Fund Support Programme to the Development of the Forest Sector M&E System for the Environment and Natural Resources Sectors Framework Agreement for Climate, Forestry and Low-Carbon Development Organisational Review and Systems Audit of the Energy Efficiency Fund Monitoring and Support to Kosovo Forest Agency for implementing the Silvicultural Treatment of the Young Forests in Kosovo Project Framework Agreement governing the purchase of consultancy services for climate, forestry and low-carbon development




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