MSc Transport Planning and Engineering, Napier University, 2014

MA (Hons) Geography, University of Edinburgh, 2009

Brendan joined LTS in 2010 as Business Development Trainee and between 2010 and 2018 held the positions of Business Development Administrator, Advisor and Senior Advisor. When LTS joined the NIRAS Group’s International Consulting Division in October 2018 he took on the role of Business Development Team Manager for LTS, a role which involves being the focal point for the UK Aid market and providing guidance and support to staff on procurement processes, tender development and strategy as well as managing and supporting tender processes. He also analyses and reports on tender performance and strategy.

Brendan’s provides project management and consultancy services including annual report, final report, and fellowship reviews of Darwin Initiative biodiversity conservation projects and overall management of the framework agreement with Norad for the provision of consulting and project management services in Climate Change, Forestry and Low Carbon Development. In 2018, he was part of the three person field team that conducted the Review of the Indonesia-Norway Cooperation on REDD+ (2013-2018).


Framework Agreement on Agriculture, Forestry and Environment Mid-Term Review of the Swedish Financing Support to the Rural Energy Fund Support Programme to the Development of the Forest Sector M&E System for the Environment and Natural Resources Sectors Framework Agreement for Climate, Forestry and Low-Carbon Development Organisational Review and Systems Audit of the Energy Efficiency Fund Monitoring and Support to Kosovo Forest Agency for implementing the Silvicultural Treatment of the Young Forests in Kosovo Project Framework Agreement governing the purchase of consultancy services for climate, forestry and low-carbon development




We are at the Forests 2020 Global Conference in Edinburgh, exploring the future of space technologies in monitoring…
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