We focus on robust monitoring systems, co-designed for practicality, client/partner usefulness, and credibility of evidence. We have experience in designing and implementing tailored monitoring activities that draw on a wide range of tools, methods and approaches.

We can:

  • Support indicator selection and design– we identify and assess quantitative and qualitative outcome and output indicators that are objective and policy neutral; formulate SMART indicators within national and organisational planning frameworks; and design meta-data collection process to help monitor progress.
  • Plan and undertake data collection – we have broad experience in designing and conducting data from biophysical and household level socio-economic surveys for the collation of quantitative and qualitative data (sampling size and regimen determined in the measure methodology), to the use of beneficiary led approaches.
  • Apply a range of methods – we have expertise in use of a wide range of data collection methods, including meta-analysis, focus group discussions, case studies, beneficiary feedback, portfolio analysis and mapping, remote sensing/GIS, online surveys and mobile data collection.


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