Our MEL approach emphasises engagement and user needs, throughout the cycle, with a focus on learning and communication for adaptive management. This ensures that evidence is relevant to inform decisions that need to be made and is shared in a way that promotes greater ownership and usability of findings.

We have experience in designing and implementing tailored learning activities that draw on a wide range of tools, methods and approaches. We can:

  • Ensure clear targeting of stakeholders– we conduct stakeholder analyses to understand learning needs, behaviour change constraints and opportunities, and best-bets approaches for communication and influence.
  • Capture the emerging evidence and lessons – building on effective monitoring and evaluation, and applying participatory approaches to analysis of the evidence so that lessons are digested and embedded in practice and policy.
  • Facilitate learning and communications outputs – with a focus on behaviour change communication approaches, we support users to use learning through the use of (for example) interactive events and workshops, targeted and briefing documents, digital communications, web-based MIS and platforms, animations and videos



We are hiring a Training and Events Administrator for the CSSF Fund. Please see https://t.co/E8fl1qAGEp for more in… https://t.co/jXv1Z2wXWw
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