Institutional Governance and Support

LTS has been working in the field of Governance for nearly 30 years: working with governments and civil society to improve the institutions of governance that exercise the power and control over the poor’s access to, use and management of natural resources.  Governance in the natural resource context is highly complex, dealing as it does with a range of inter-linking sectors and overlapping legislation, and a wide number of stakeholders and players from national to local within the same area.  Building on this experience, we have broadened out to provide research, advice and process management on governance in wider spheres of development.  

We provide innovative services to improve accountability and capacity in the public sector, while helping private firms to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Following an organic and incremental process, we assist our clients in changing internal organisational structures, building and realigning staff capacity, restructuring and privatising institutions while building stakeholder and civil society participation in decision making.  To complement this, we have established systems for monitoring and regulating organisation and sector performance, improving service quality and creating the basis for greater accountability for agents in the public and non-state sectors.


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