GIS and Remote Sensing

LTS has been involved in creating, managing, sharing, and displaying spatial and remotely sensed information since 1988. Understanding where the environmental, social, & economic considerations are, and how they relate to each other in the spatial and temporal context, enable LTS to ensure informed and timely decisions, which is vital in a development context.

We use geospatial technologies to gather, capture and organise accurate data on and around project sites and geographies. We analyse and interpret changes in geospatial data over time, and present the results graphically on a number of web-based as well as offline platforms. This approach enables us to target interventions about constraints, priorities and risks for each project undertaken.

We can help you harness geospatial and visual technologies to inform your project as it progresses, enabling for regular information and analysis without the need to wait until the final report. By continuously adding and creating new project data and presenting it visually, you can see progress as it occurs, compare it to forecasts and make adjustments and recommendations as necessary.




One of our presentations at #UKevaluation2019 back in May was on Using Realist Evaluation to Design and Implement C…
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