We pair our contextual and thematic expertise with a deep understanding of evaluation theories and approaches, so that our evaluation services add value to end users by being not only methodologically rigorous but also practical and contextually tailored. Our approach emphasises engagement and user needs. This ensures that evidence is relevant to inform decisions that need to be made.

We have experience in designing and implementing tailored evaluation activities that draw on a wide range of tools, methods and approaches. We can:

  • Design and conduct complex theory based evaluations– within a project or programme, we map the design theory or theory of change and then conduct evaluations to assess contribution of programmes to objectives.
  • Focus on utilisation – we ensure that key stakeholders are identified from the outset and engaged throughout the evaluation process to ensure it is demand driven, produces credible results, and supports the generation of useful findings and lessons that can inform decision making to support adaptive management.
  • Identify and tailor a range of qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods to individual programme needs – our teams have expertise in tailoring and applying robust methods to individual context using international best practice
  • Assess value for money– we assess and achieve value for money in project level interventions, for example assessing how they are obtaining the right goods and services of the right quality, at the right time, delivered to the right place at the right cost.



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