2007 - 2010


Contributions to the Formulation and Implementation of National REDD Strategies

Key Staff:

Philippa Lincoln

The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI)’s support to the formulation and implementation of national REDD+ strategies and other REDD+ readiness efforts. As NICFI considers it likely that the international REDD+ architecture will build on national policies and measures, this national level evaluation will constitute a main pillar of the whole real-time evaluation programme.

The evaluation encompassed five case-study countries: Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guyana, Indonesia, and Tanzania. These countries receive significant support from NICFI through different channels and mechanisms, they represent a range of forest types and conditions, are at different stages in the forest transition, represent different national policy contexts, and together they cover each of the three tropical continents. Consequently, NICFI support in each of these countries has been used for different purposes, including stakeholder consultations, capacity-building, institutional strengthening, demonstration activities, and application of policies and measures.

Within each of the five countries this evaluation had two main objectives:

1. Develop a methodology for the real-time evaluation of NICFI support to the formulation and implementation of national REDD+ strategies; and

2. Establish a baseline for 2007 and evaluate the status and progress of NICFI support to the formulation and implementation of national REDD+ strategies as of 2010.

The evaluation team documented a number of key successes of the NICFI contribution in the countries assessed, and provided recommendations that could strengthen this contribution. These recommendations have been followed up by NICFI.

Contact Philippa Lincoln for further details.

Download the Brazil Report here.

Download the Democratic Republic of Congo Report here.

Download the Guyana Report here.

Download the Indonesia Report here.

Download the Tanzania Report here.

Download the Executive Summaries from the country reports here.


Clients: Norad Evaluation Department

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