2011 - 2018


Forest Governance, Markets and Climate Framework

This framework contract (Forest Governance, Markets and Climate Framework, FGMC) involves a series of mini competitions for contracts between 25,000 and 25 million pounds that will contribute to a global effort that will help protect up to 39 million hectares of forest over the next 25 years and contribute to the greater sustainability of food production. By reducing deforestation and degradation the programme will contribute to efforts that avoid emissions of up to 33 billion MT CO2-e at the very low cost of under 2 pounds a carbon tonne.

Timber that is legally logged in accordance with national laws will increase forest taxes, providing up to 13 billion pounds of revenue to cash-strapped exchequers in developing countries. The programme will help protect the livelihoods of tens of millions of poor people dependent on forests for their livelihoods by reducing illegal logging. It will give them a greater say in what happens to their forests and reduce the likelihood of conflict over forest tenure. Clear and secure forest tenure can enable forest dependent communities to double their incomes. Similarly improved legislation, and monitoring of legal compliance with respect to other commodities, will lead to increases in incomes for 50 million farming men, women and children, and improved working conditions for 10 million plantation and ranching workers employed in the palm oil, soy, beef and leather sectors. With illegal logging and forest clearance reduced, livelihoods protected, and carbon emissions avoided the program will deliver a benefit-cost ratio of 52 pounds for every 1 pound invested in the intervention.

LTS is leading a consortium for 7 of the 8 lots of this Framework contract. LTS is providing a management team to the LTS-led consortia and quality control of all tenders submitted by the consortium.

The LTS Framework Manager is Rebecca Adler.

Clients: Department for International Development

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