2003 - 2003


Output to Purpose Review of the Northern Mountains Poverty Reduction Project

The Northern Mountains Poverty Reduction Project (NMPRP) was co-financed by the World Bank and DFID to the value of USD132.5 million and aimed to benefit about 1 million rural poor, 85% of whom are ethnic minorities in six provinces of Vietnam. The project provides basic rural infrastructure and other demand led investments including basic education, health and agricultural extension services and facilities. LTS undertook a review and consultation with key stakeholders, and village interviews to assess the initial performance of the programme against the criteria set out in the project documents and logical framework; role of the programme within the broader poverty reductions efforts of the provinces, central government and other donors; and analysis of the relationships between key stakeholders in the project and the impact that they have had on the success of the project.

Clients: Department for International Development



Geography: Vietnam

Date: 2003

Keywords: DFID, team leader, M&E, monitoring, evaluation, governance, development, Vietnam, Asia

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