2004 - 2004

United Kingdom:

Evaluate the Efforts in Assessing the Environmental Policy of the Beneficiary Countries of the Special Arrangements to Combat Drug Production and Trafficking Under the Generalised Tariff Preferences

In order to help the 12 countries to combat the drug trafficking and production culture, duty free access was granted to imports of certain products originating in these countries. The special arrangements provide the countries with export opportunities for substitution crops to help improve their economic and social development. The aim of the project was to foster industrialisation, diversification and to promote sustainable development. The project was an independent evaluation of the environmental policy, in particular the sustainable management of tropical forests, of the twelve beneficiary countries during the time they have enjoyed the duty free benefits until the end of 2002.

Clients: European Commission


Geography: United Kingdom

Date: 2004

Keywords: M&E, monitoring, evaluation, governance

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