2008 - 2008


Scoping Mission: Department for International Development Engagement in Climate Change

The objective of this mission was: to provide the UK’s Department for International Development with an overview of the implications of climate change for Uganda; to frame national priorities for adaptation; and in light of these to appraise current and planned initiatives by the Ugandan government and donors in order to scope the need for and potential focus of support from the UK government. Through a review of research outputs and literature, policy analysis, key informant interviews and broad stakeholder consultation, LTS provided an accurate depiction of the challenges that a changing climate brings. This also enabled us to provide a sophisticated understanding of the likely efficacy of current efforts to reduce the country’s vulnerability. Our work highlighted the magnitude of the risks which climate change and climate variability pose to maintaining Uganda’s development trajectory. By ensuring a responsive approach to the assignment we were able to go beyond the requirements of the TOR, providing prioritized recommendations for action, based on our review of the adequacy of the existing donor and government response. These included recommendations for risk-based sectoral adaptation; capacity building approaches; disaster risk modeling and screening; galvanizing leadership and the changes in institutional architecture and modalities required to tackle the difficult challenges which climate change poses in countries like Uganda.

Clients: Department for International Development



Geography: Uganda

Date: 2008

Keywords: DFID, adaptation, advisor, Climate Change

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