2010 - 2010


Review of the Forestry Sector

Uganda’s forest sector has undergone several reviews and transformations to meet the changing circumstances and the needs of the sector. The last of such policy and institutional reforms were carried out with support from LTS during 1998-2004 and resulted in a National Forest Plan, National Forest Policy, National Forestry and Tree Planting Act, and the establishment of the Forestry Sector Support Department, National Forestry Authority and District Forest Services. Despite these reforms, the forest sector still faced several challenges which affected the attainment of the sector vision, goal and objectives as outlined in these policy instruments and macro-economic plans. LTS supported the Ugandan Ministry of Water and Environment by undertaking a forward looking review of the forest sector and identified gaps, overlaps, shortfalls in performance, and the necessary coordination and institutional adjustments required to address these issues.

Clients: Royal Norwegian Embassy



Geography: Uganda

Date: 2010

Keywords: M&E, monitoring, evaluation, forests, governance, Uganda, Africa, Royal Norwegian Embassy

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