2003 - 2003


Plan Vivo System

LTS and ECCM initiated a successful Plan Vivo system in Uganda in 2003, which has already resulted in significant ancillary benefits beyond offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon sequestration offers a significant boost in income to farmers engaged in natural forest management: revenue generated through initial sales of carbon has offset start up costs for small scale forestry activities in Uganda, thus enabling rural communities to invest in sustainable resource management using income from environmental services. Participants also gained access to local and national markets for timber, pole wood and fuel wood, fruit and fodder. Nursery establishment and production of seedlings provided additional income to rural communities. In addition, the project built local and regional capacity and developed generic carbon management systems that may be replicated in other communities throughout the country.

Clients: Department for International Development



Geography: Uganda

Date: 2003

Keywords: DFID, management, technical assistance, forests, Plan Vivo, REDD+, Uganda,

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