1999 - 2004


Forest Sector Policy and Strategy Project

This project was a coordinated, sector-wide, multi-donor programme which achieved ambitious and complex forestry reform. The purpose of the project was to create a positive, effective and sustainable policy and institutional environment for the Ugandan forestry sector. Major outputs of the project included: the Uganda Forestry Policy (2001), the National Forest Plan (2002), and the new National Forestry and Tree Planting Act (2003). In 2004, the Forestry Department was divested into the Forestry Inspection Division (FID) under the Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment (MWLE) and the new National Forestry Authority (NFA) was launched. LTS was responsible for overall project management and administration, including the recruitment and administration of staff and provision of all technical support for the duration of the project. In achieving these major outputs, the project established poverty and forestry linkages through a National Forest Programme, as well as budget support mechanisms, successfully brokered a process of negotiation between central and local government, enabled business planning and new financing and legal arrangements and established incentive frameworks to balance commercial activities and public service obligations. Finally, it supported decentralised governance through forestry livelihood and carbon sequestration pilots that fed into real time learning mechanisms among the pilots.

Clients: Ministry of Water and Environment of Uganda

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