2002 - 2006


Forest Resources and Conservation Management Programme

This long-standing programme aimed to build upon the initial EC support to forestry, taking forward conservation and sustainable forest management and support to the establishment of compensatory timber plantations by the private sector. In addition to support to the predecessor Natural Forest Management Project in the mid-nineties and the detailed design of FRMCP in 1999, LTS provided various inputs from 2002-2006 including: site assessment and species recommendations for Uganda, tree improvement for timber plantations, yield studies for Uganda’s main plantation species, non-wood forest product assessment methods, and an assessment of technology for boundary survey work. In 2005, LTS advised the Sawlog Production Grant Scheme on helping Uganda establish a viable fiscal framework for plantation investment by using existing economic models, and assessing the impact of different scenarios that included varying levels of grant payment and different taxation systems.

Clients: European Commission



Geography: Uganda

Date: 2002 - 2006

Keywords: EC, European Commission, EU, European Union, technical assistance, specialist, training, forests, FLEGT

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