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Tourism and Eco-tourism Potential in Targeted Forest Landscapes

The objective of the LFSP is to generate sustainable social, economic and environmental benefits by effectively and collaboratively planning, developing and managing tourism around Liberia’s natural resources. The program will support the Government’s agenda for the growth of industries that contribute to sustained growth, poverty reduction, and shared prosperity while addressing fragility and building resilience. The Forestry Development Authority has contracted the Solimar team to conduct a thorough review and assessment of the existing and potential natural, cultural and heritage-based tourism attractions in and around the targeted protected areas and recommend a pilot project for one of the identified sites. LTS has been contracted by solimar to provide the Forest Landscape Expert to support the analysis of national conservation policy, regional priorities, and threats to biodiversity including those that are direct results from tourism and local communities.

Liberia’s ecotourism potential has long been recognized, but remains unachieved to date due to problems of sufficient political will, policy coherence, stakeholder coordination, infrastructure, human resources, access to financing, etc.

The LFSP includes support for drafting for an analytical study regarding the potential within the targeted forest landscapes. The study will assess the prospective for eco-tourism within and around those specified protected areas and develop a sample pilot Ecotourism project within one of them, based on the findings of the study.

Value and Benefits:
This study intends to determine the extent to which this underdeveloped sector could provide new revenues to the Liberian protected areas and to adjacent communities within the foreseeable future.



Date: 2018


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