2011 - 2013


Feasibility assessment for Mpingo REDD+ Pilot Project in Kilwa District

LTS conducted a technical and financial feasibility assessment for the Mpingo REDD+ Pilot Project, financed by the Government of Norway and implemented by the Mpingo Conservation and Development Initiative in Kilwa District, Tanzania. The project aims for carbon offset certification with the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and intends to achieve biomass regeneration of miombo forests, and to avoid biomass degradation, through fire management. The next phase of the project is to assist with the preparation of a draft methodology and draft Project Description (PD) for submission into the VCS double approval process for baseline and monitoring methodologies.

In partnership with Value for Nature, LTS has developed a REDD feasibility report outlining baseline and project scenarios and an analysis of their implications for methodological issues such as the baseline quantification approach, stratification, monitoring, leakage and project emissions, among others. The project’s feasibility has also been calculated through comparing its potential costs and revenues and drawing conclusions towards its overall technical and financial feasibility, taking risks into account. In the next phase of methodology and PD development, LTS has been responsible for preparing the draft PD containing the full application of the draft baseline and monitoring methodology as submitted for the VCS first review and approval.

Clients: Mpingo Conservation and Development Initiative

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