2009 - 2009


Mid Term review of the project Eastern Selous Community Wildlife and Natural Resources Management Project

The Eastern Selous Community Wildlife and Natural Resources Management Project was a Belgium supported project in Tanzania. The project area was the 250 km long eastern border of the Selous Game Reserve (SGR), which is administered by the Rufiji and Kilwa District Councils to support the Tanzanian policy to devolve wildlife management to communities through the establishment of Wildlife Management Areas (WMA). It was envisaged that WMAs will help to reduce poverty while conserving biodiversity and the environment. This project aimed to set up WMAs in the two districts, as well as to support capacity building, improved institutional arrangements and income generation. LTS provided the International Team Leader whose responsibility was to take an overall lead in the delivery of the MTR, coordinating the activities of national consultants, and supervising the production of the draft MTR-report, including quality assurance that the assessment of the OECD criteria (coherence, relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and impact) were applied. The Team leader produced a summary of the main conclusions and recommendations, presented at the debriefing meetings, and edited and completed the final MTR-report.

Clients: Belgian Technical Cooperation



Geography: Tanzania

Date: 2009

Keywords: BTC, biodiversity, team leader, M&E, monitoring, evaluation, Tanzania, Africa, East Africa

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