2003 - 2004


Development of a National Participatory Forest Management Monitoring System

The Government of Tanzania supports participatory forest management (PFM) as part of its strategy to achieve sustainable forest management by encouraging the management or co-management of forest and woodland resources by communities living closest to the resources. In addition, benefits to communities arising from PFM contribute towards reducing poverty. Faced with the challenge of acquiring information at local and national level to assess the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of PFM towards achieving both National Forest Programme (NFP) and National Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) targets, the Government of Tanzania and Danida selected LTS to elaborate a PFM monitoring system. LTS mobilised a three person team to work with the Forest and Beekeeping Division staff of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to review and assess existing PFM relevant monitoring systems currently in use, develop a national PFM monitoring system that builds on existing and emerging monitoring processes at local, district and national levels, and propose PFM monitoring indicators that are relevant and integrated within the National Poverty Reduction Monitoring Plan.

Clients: Danida



Geography: Tanzania

Date: 2003 - 2004

Keywords: M&E, monitoring, evaluation, forests, livelihoods

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