2010 - 2010


Climate Change Strategic Programme Review

DFID Tanzania piloted the new Strategic Programme Review (SPR) process announced in the White Paper 4 as a means to integrating climate change into planning and programme delivery at country level. The DFID Climate and Environment Group viewed the SPRs as feeding into wider organisational learning and was keen to ensure lesson learning across countries and regions, but proposied that the SPR process be led by the country offices and in this case DFID Tanzania. DFID Tanzania presented a unique challenge and interesting pilot as it was DFID’s third largest programme, with a commitment of £103 million in the year of the project. LTS supported the SPR in order to clarify what climate change meant to Tanzania, to increase awareness of the significance and implications of climate change and  to inform strategic decisions about DFIDs sectoral balance. The SPR team conducted policy and institutional assessments, climate risk screening, developed strategies for mainstreaming climate change and completed a drivers for change study.

Clients: Department for International Development

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