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Sustainable Sourcing of Soy

The Key Sustainability Issues in Soy Production and how these are Addressed by 10 Companies

Stewart Investors would like to understand better the key sustainability issues in soy production and how these are addressed by companies. The research assignment had three key requirements:

  1. A brief overview of the key sustainability issues around soy production.
  2. An in-depth analysis of how each company is approaching these issues.
  3. A relative ranking of the performance of each company.


Some challenges of engagement with the companies being profiled, although this was anticipated well in advance and successfully mitigated.


The research team developed a bespoke sustainability matrix that could be adapted to different commodities and company analyses.

Value and Benefits:

LTS’ work was commended for its clarity and its utility for Stewart in being able to engage companies directly on the issues at hand. This direct engagement with companies was also of value in itself for Stewart, helping to build their profile as sustainability leaders with their investees.



Geography: Worldwide

Date: 2019


Encouraging to hear of the UK Government's intention to unlock climate benefits and protect biodiversity in future…
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