2015 - 2017


Sustainable Forest and Biodiversity Management in the Heart of Borneo

The Heart of Borneo project brings together three countries to implement conservation actions across Borneo. This project supports the Government of Indonesia’s commitments, by providing technical assistance to strengthen Government capacity in sustainable forest and biodiversity management planning and implementation. LTS manages the TA programme.

  • LTS is working closely with the Government of Indonesia and with Daemeter Consulting to provide and manage the TA for this $1.7M project.
  • The TA team includes 21 specialists: a mix of international and national, across a range of technical areas.
  • The work involves a balance of careful planning and management as well as sound understanding of the technical and political contexts.


Borneo holds an estimated 6 percent of global biodiversity, primarily in its tropical rainforests.

There is a widely recognised decline in this biodiversity through resource use, and an unequal distribution of benefits of that resource use to local communities.  Effective, long-term conservation planning/management is required in the national parks in the HOB area, including the full support of communities and local authorities, as well as self-financing resources.


The LTS led team is assisting the Government to:

  • plan and implement sustainable forest and biodiversity management;
  • pilot REDD+ and PES models; and to
  • identify and resource further needs in training, conferences, studies and surveys for the project.

LTS brings expertise in the areas of protected areas management, PES, REDD, sustainable financing, economics, training, social and institutional development, MRV, spatial planning and legal issues.

Value and benefits

The project is intended to enhance conservation and sustainable forest and biodiversity in the Heart of Borneo and to improve the prosperity of local communities living in the region.

This is expected to be achieved through enhanced knowledge and capacities at Government level, and a positive attitude toward sustainable forest and biodiversity management within selected communities in the region.

Clients: Asian Development Bank

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