2006 - 2006


Forestry Policy and Strategy Development

Southern Sudan has a diverse and extensive forestry resource base. After more than 20 years of civil war, this has become degraded and the government is rebuilding its structures from effectively a zero base. Following the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the situation in Southern Sudan has been in a state of considerable flux. In 2006, LTS was hired by the US Department of Agriculture to assist the new Southern Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in developing a forestry policy and strategy. Relevant policy statements for the presidential address given at the first Southern Sudan parliament were elaborated based on an analysis of a strategic review of the strengths and limitations of the forestry sector and proposed programme of critical interventions. An overall strategy was suggested followed by more detailed treatment of commercial scale plantations and forest industries, natural forests and woodlands and trees in support of agriculture.

Clients: Department of Agriculture of the United States



Geography: Sudan

Date: 2006

Keywords: USDA, governance, forests, policy, strategy, Sudan, Africa, forestry, Forest Governance

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