2014 - 2015


Spatial Planning for Sustainable Land Use Planning

Key Staff:

Tillem Burlace

This assignment developed the first common mapping platform for the Nguti district of Cameroon, which brings together multiple map layers to enable ecological, social and economic values to be considered in unison when making land planning decisions, enabling a transparent and open decision process.

  • The work was contracted by the REDD+ Facility of the European Forest Institute (EFI).
  • LTS led the work, working with Rainbow Consult (Cameroon), ProForest (during the inception phase), and WRI.
  • LTS applied specific technical knowledge on spatial planning tools for forestry.

A new, tailored spatial planning tool was developed for use.


There has been limited experience of drafting land use plans in the region that can reconcile the various interests in land, in a balanced and negotiated manner, in particular in the context of the emerging REDD+ mechanism to valorise carbon stocks. As a result, EFI’s REDD+ Facility identified the need for a transparent spatial planning tool that better addresses both social and environmental concerns as a pre-requisite for the responsible implementation of REDD+.


The LTS team advised EFI on potential tools to assist with spatial planning around land use decisions, and developed a tailored mapping platform, the basis of which was provided by WRI. LTS staff were responsible for the development of:

  • An interactive mapping tool that identifies potential priority areas for development / protection
  • A field assessment protocol.

Value and benefits

This tool will facilitate the transparent sharing of information between multiple stakeholders to explore and discuss potential social, environmental and economic impacts of various land use options (such as palm oil, cocoa, staple food crops for local markets, etc.) and other land uses, such as maintenance of high carbon stock forests for REDD+ projects.

The results will enable and inform the next phase of land use planning in the context of competing land use options.

Clients: European Forest Institute



Geography: Cameroon

Date: 2014 - 2015

Keywords: Palm Oil, Spatial Planning

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