2006 - 2006

South Africa:

Certification in the Natural Products Sector and Feasibility of Interventions

Key Staff:

Patrick Abbot

Under the umbrella of the recently launched Natural Futures Programme, the World Conservation Union in South Africa (IUCN-SA) and partner PhytoTrade Africa asked LTS and its partners to investigate ethical certification schemes and their accessibility to Southern African small and medium enterprises in the natural products sector. Within the (natural products) sector there are clear opportunities for entrepreneurial development and improved livelihoods for many poor rural communities. LTS took part in a technical team to review existing schemes and assess their appropriateness in a Southern African natural products context, identify associated barriers and opportunities and recommend intervention strategies to improve the accessibility and applicability of certification in this sector. The study informed the Natural Futures programme in the development / adaptation of a new or existing certification system for the benefit of natural product small and medium enterprises and the sector.

Clients: World Conservation Union

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