2019 - 2019


Scoping Study for a Green Cocoa Landscape Program in Cameroon

The high-level objective of the Green Cocoa Landscape Program – led by IDH and WWF – is to increase the sustainable productivity of cocoa while contributing to the protection of forests and the improvement of the livelihoods of farmers and communities. The scoping study was commissioned to help define more detailed objectives, to be adapted to the selected landscapes. This first phase of the scoping study identified the main challenges that relate to sustainable production, environmental protection and social inclusion in the Center, South and Littoral regions of Cameroon, and identified possible strategies to address them.

The main activities conducted by LTS, through a combination of distance and in-country field visits were to:

  • Draft criteria for early selection of potential pilot municipal councils, including two calls with companies and one to two workshops to select the municipalities (maximum of 3 municipalities)
  • Focused preliminary analysis, interviews, and scoping in priority pilot municipalities
  • Develop an opportunity map and specific recommendations for each of the target municipalities identified in the form of a simple Project Idea Note (PIN)
  • Engagement with potential donors
  • End of Phase 1 multi-stakeholder Workshop

The final outputs produced were 3 PINs for the selected landscapes (Ayos, Grand Mbam and Djoum-Montom), and a synthesis report.

Value and Benefits

LTS were drafted in specifically to provide contract/project management services for the tender. LTS gained critical insight into working with IDH and WWF, and further experience in Cameroon and sustainable commodities (in this case, cocoa).



Geography: Cameroon

Date: 2019


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