2016 - 2018


Scaling out Devolved Climate Finance in Tanzania


Project was implemented in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar and was piloted in 6 districts – 3 on mainland and 3 in Zanzibar. The project activities will be rolled out to 15 districts on mainland Tanzania. LTS’ s role was to provide ME&L services and capacity building to consortium partners. LTS developed a MEL strategy, designed and conducted a baseline survey and designed the climate finance tracking tool. LTS built the capacity of MEL personnel from Hakikazi Catalyst a key consortium partner


The challenge of climate finance ensuring that it can be channeled to the local level – to people who directly experience the adverse impacts of climate change. At present, there are few tried and tested methods of doing this, and it is a necessarily complex process. The spending of finance must be carefully planned, and if drawn down by a government institution, must also go through the countries public financial management system to ensure that it is on budget and tracked in line with existing policy. This requires capacity building, enhancing institutional and financial competencies, and a comprehensive monitoring process.


LTS developed a comprehensive Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) strategy and a climate finance tracking tool in collaboration with consortium partners. LTS implemented capacity building of Local governments through the District Adaptation Planning Committees, Divisional Adaptation and Planning Committees, Local Government Training Institute, Institute of Rural Development Planning and other Consortium partners. LTS provided technical advice, support and training on climate resilience measurements and M&E requirements.

Value and Benefits

The project will enable the governments of Tanzania and Zanzibar to effectively draw down, disburse and monitor the effectiveness of finance from national and international sources to support the building of resilient, economically productive livelihoods, and a climate resilient economy.

Clients: International Institute for Environment and Development



Geography: Tanzania

Date: 2016 - 2018

Keywords: MEL, Monitoring and Evaluation, Climate Change, Local Government

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