2010 - 2011


Climate Change Adaptation for Poor and Vulnerable Women and Rural Livelihoods

Rwanda is undergoing change as a consequence of environmental change, population growth and structural transformations in the agriculture / rural sector. Recent analysis on the impact of climate change on rural livelihood and agriculture in Rwanda shows that there is a high level of uncertainty about potential change effects; and this will depend on a range of natural factors and their interplay with a complex range of social, economic and institutional factors. The overall adaptation strategy in agriculture was to develop a resilient and diversified rural economy. CARE Rwanda, with support from CARE Austria, requested LTS to guide programmatic thinking on climate change adaptation. The assignment focused on a region in northern Rwanda to provide tangible and actionable recommendations related to farming systems across the volcanic soils of the Virunga volcanoes, Northern and Western provinces.

Clients: CARE Rwanda

Geography: Rwanda

Date: 2010 - 2011

Keywords: M&E, monitoring, evaluation, llivelihoods, gender, Rwanda, CARE

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