2009 - 2010


Baseline Studies for the National Forestry Development Plan

The Government of Rwanda has initiated a process of developing a National Forestry Development Plan (NFDP) as the long-term national strategy to guide implementation of a set of actions that will lead to attaining Rwanda’s goal of increased forest/tree cover to 30% in order to meet the basic needs of the population, conserve ecosystems and genetic resources and combat land degradation. A review of the Rwanda forestry sector was completed. However, there is a shortage of reliable up-to-date information on some key aspects of the sector. The LTS team carried out a number baseline studies on key aspects of forestry in Rwanda: characterization of supply and demand of round-wood; determination of volume of business based on forest products; a determination of human capacity needs in forestry sector; and current forestry sector governance. The NFDP formulation and implementation process is a significant, inclusive, forward-looking and coordinated effort to consult all major affected parties in Rwanda.

Clients: Ministry of Natural Resources of Rwanda



Geography: Rwanda

Date: 2009 - 2010

Keywords: technical assistance, governance, forests, timber, baseline, Rwanda, Africa

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