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Review of the Global Green Growth Institute Country Programme in Indonesia

Key Staff:

Philippa Lincoln

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is an interdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder international organisation, driven by the needs of emerging and developing countries. The GGGI is dedicated to pioneering a new model of economic growth, known as “green growth”, which simultaneously targets economic performance, environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

Indonesia launched its GGGI country programme in September 2012 with the Norwegian Agency for International Development backing and financing. The programme became operative in 2013 and is known as “the GoI- GGGI Green Growth Program”. Its goal is to mainstream green growth in Indonesia’s economic planning process, both at national and provincial levels, and to integrate the REDD+ program into a much wider green growth approach that should sit at the core of the economic planning process in the country. The programme expected outcomes are an improved understanding of green growth opportunities in the context of existing economic planning process, an accelerated REDD+ pilot delivery mechanism, strengthened capacity at provincial level to implement key pilots in the short term, and enhanced capacity in the government to put together a green growth program at scale in the medium and long run.

LTS carried out the review of the Review of the Global Green Growth Institute Country Programme in Indonesia. The purpose of the review is firstly to determine whether the programme is on track to reach its expected results by the end of the programme period. Secondly, the review will recommend necessary adjustments to the programme based upon the findings and taking into consideration the revised outcome objectives and will include recommendations on how the programme can increase its strategic impact in relevant sectors, especially forests.

The evaluation has been carried out through a:

  • Rapid Assessment of the country programme through a combination of desk based research, field visits and key informant interviews;
  • Review of the financial management of the programme;
  • Cost effectiveness analysis of the conversion of project inputs into outputs.


Geography: Indonesia

Date: 2014

Keywords: Mid Term Review, OECD Principles

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