2010 - 2014


Real-time Evaluation of NICFI – Synthesis Evaluation

The aim of this assignment was to determine the results of NICFI towards achievement of its core objectives over the period from 2007-2013. The assessment covered the four most established bilateral partnerships (Brazil, Guyana, Indonesia and Tanzania), NICFI’s support to the multilateral REDD+ institutions; NICFI’s support to civil society, and NICFI activities focused on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change REDD+ negotiations.

Information was analysed and results synthesised across each country and modality of NICFI support to generate an assessment of overall achievement against the NICFI core objectives. In addition, findings of a strategic nature on REDD+, and NICFI’s place within the REDD+ arena, were identified with a view to informing discussions on the future strategy of NICFI.

A communication brief of the Synthesis Evaluation report can be downloaded here

Clients: Norad Evaluation Department



Geography: Ethiopia, Guyana, Indonesia, Mexico, Tanzania

Date: 2013 - 2014

Keywords: NICFI, Synthesis Evaluation, Evaluation, Forestry

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