2012 - 2013


Productive Safety Net Programme and Household Asset Building Programme: Climate Smart Initiative

The Climate Smart Initiative seeks to strengthen two important food security programmes in Ethiopia – the Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) and the Household Asset Building Programme (HABP) and to think through how these programmes may evolve after their end date. The goal of this assignment was to make a safety net climate-smart through systematically integrating implications of climate change into PSNP and HABP and to determine how a new resilience building programme could enable the Ethiopian Government to manage risks related to climate change.

Resilience to climate has been built through the achievement of four objectives:


  • Strengthening the contribute to climate resilience;
  • Enhancing information flow and local decision making;
  • Identifying and leveraging climate funding opportunities; and
  • Informing future programmes


The LTS led consortium has assessed the activities of the HABP in light of climate change and low carbon livelihoods; PSNP public works; the potential use of information and private sector engagement in income diversification pilots; the lessons learned from early warning and risk financing; risks and opportunities for women and girls under climate change; and PSNP and HABP systems for climate change adaptation mainstreaming. The consortium has also produced a mapped assessment of the likely impacts of climate change for Ethiopia and a climate finance feasibility study. A roadmap has been developed, highlighting the theory of change for the Climate Smart Initiative; a design document for pilot activities has been produced along with a monitoring and evaluation lesson learning plan to measure the impact of pilot activities; the PSNP/HABP operation manual has been revised; and a concise and persuasive document that clearly communicates the PSNP/HABP climate change story produced.

Update, November 2013: “Coping with Change: How Ethiopia’s PSNP & HABP are building resilience to climate change” is a publication produced by LTS for World Bank as one of the outputs of this project. It can be downloaded here.

Clients: World Bank

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