2013 - 2018


Planning for Resilience in East Africa through Policy, Adaptation, Research, and Economic Development

The PREPARED programme is a 5-year USAID funded programme that is strengthening the resilience and sustainability of East African economies, transboundary freshwater ecosystems and communities in Lake Victoria Basin (LVB). LTS Africa works with other partners using its regional knowledge and decades of experience to provide targeted support in biodiversity conservation.  

  • LTS works with Tetra Tech ARD, the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC), the East Africa Community (EAC) and the 5 EAC partner states (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda) to facilitate landscape-scale freshwater biodiversity interventions.
  • LTS is leading the Biodiversity Conservation component of this project, with a value of $2 million
  • The LTS team include biodiversity conservation experts, environmental and natural resources economists and a biodiversity information expert.
  • The project works in LVB, an area where biodiversity is characterized by endemism, presence of endangered species, and isolated or relict population of unique species.


The LVB contains globally, regionally, or nationally significant concentrations of biodiversity that is threatened by (i) habitat loss; (ii) unsustainable harvesting; (iii) pollution; (iv) alien invasive species, and; (v) environmental change.

To counteract these threats, PREPARED seeks to develop and implement a regional cross-sectoral and landscape scale approach that builds the resilience of this transboundary freshwater ecosystem to cope with increasing risk of uncertainty.  


The LTS team is assisting the LVBC and EAC to:

  • Conduct an Ecosystem Profile Assessment;
  • Identify Biologically Significant Areas (BSAs) in LVB and then implement biodiversity conservation interventions in them and prepare economic valuation reports for them;
  • Develop Conservation Investment Plans as fundraising tools for conservation of BSAs;
  • Develop a mobile application and database to manage poaching and human wildlife conflict data in trans-boundary landscapes; and

Design a Biodiversity Information Management System (BIMS) for the LVBC.

Value and benefits

The project will strengthen biodiversity conservation in LVB for ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change; protect and restore freshwater biodiversity of LVB; strengthen inter-institutional coordination in the LVB for improved management of biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation, and pollution control/wastewater management; and integrate biodiversity conservation needs and targets into broader development agenda of the EAC.

Clients: United States Agency for International Development



Geography: Kenya

Date: 2013 - 2018

Keywords: PREPARED, USAID, TetraTech, Biodiversity, Ecosystems, East Africa, Africa

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