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Phata Case Study

Key Staff:

Kirsty Wilson

The AgDevCo Phata Case Study conducted by LTSM Chitukuko, the Malawi subsidiary of LTS, was a thorough review and qualitative analysis of the factors that led to the success of AgDevCo’s investment in the Phata Sugarcane Cooperative in Chikwawa, Malawi. This cooperative has seen rapid and profitable success in its first years and is currently scaling up and realising the same successes as it’s initial Phase One. AgDevCo is keen to learn what factors led to the success of this cooperative and its business model, what key lessons learned can be implemented in Phase Two and beyond, and what level of impact AgDevCo has had on the success of this cooperative. The output of this project is a 16 page, designed glossy that presents the findings of our analysis in a way that is easy to disseminate internally for AgDevCo and externally to other key organisations funding and working in the agribusiness investment sector.  Additionally, a 3-4-minute video has been produced using the results of the findings.

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Geography: Malawi

Date: 2018


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