2009 - 2009


Understanding Water Use in Ica: The Implications of Water Governance and Climate Change for Social Equity and Sustainable Economic Development

This piece of work was driven by demand within Peru for a better understanding of water use and governance issues within Ica province, in order to support social equity and sustainable economic development in the face of a changing climate. LTS provided the Team Leader/International Consultant on this project, who developed the research methodology, coordinated the research in close liaison with Progressio’s Policy and Advocacy Officer, Peru’s country representative and other relevant partners, collected and analysed relevant data in-country and produced a detailed final report. The report discussed the social, environmental and economic implications of water use in Ica; factors that determine the water use and what are the root causes of the water use outcomes observed; the likely implications of climate change for water resources and water users in Ica; and identified priorities for future water resource governance which is socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and which supports economic development.

Clients: Progressio



Geography: Peru

Date: 2009

Keywords: Progressio, governance, development, Water, Peru, Ica, Latin America, South America

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