2018 - 2022


Performance Evaluation: Improving Market Systems for Agriculture in Rwanda (IMSAR)

The DFID-funded Improving Market Systems for Agriculture in Rwanda (IMSAR) aims to address the “inefficiency of market systems that prevent poor people from benefitting from agricultural opportunities”.  The ultimate aim of the programme (its expected impact) is to increase the incomes of poor households in targeted agricultural market systems.

LTS is the contracted to provide Performance Evaluation of the program. The aims of the independent performance evaluation contract, as summarised in the ToR are:

  • Evaluate the adaptiveness and “application of flexibility” of the TSP and AgDevCo in implementing the programme (this entails process evaluation, including ongoing reviews of the ToC);
  • Evaluate the programme performance through an ‘impact-oriented’ assessment of the programme’s effects on inter alia the poor, cross cutting issues (nutrition, climate change and gender) and agricultural markets as part of the EPE; and
  • Evaluate the programme coherence (internal and external) by assessing and demonstrating synergies realised across and between IMSAR components, as well as with other ongoing programmes and activities of other actors (where relevant).

Clients: Department for International Development



Geography: Rwanda

Date: 2018 - 2022


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