Our work for Liberia’s Forest Development Authority

Liberia possesses some of the most extensive and bio-diverse primary tropical rain forests in the world.  Its forests, which cover 4.3 million hectares, are an important national environmental and social endowment, central to the economic development of the country and critical for livelihoods of its citizens.  One third of Liberians, most of the rural population, are directly dependent upon forests for their livelihood.  Forests are also central to the social, cultural and religious life of Liberian communities.

The Government of Liberia (GoL) is embarking on a major national and international venture to help address global climate change.  Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the GoL is participating in the Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) initiative to foster conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks.

LTS’ Callum Murdoch was in the field in April for our project ‘Feedback and Grievance Redress Mechanism‘ with Liberia’s Forestry Development Authority. The primary objective of this project is to draft a Feedback and Grievance Redress Mechanism for the Liberian REDD+ Programme and forestry sector.

A critical component of ongoing and future sustainable forest management in the context of REDD+ is proactive and continuous engagement by the Forest Development Authority (FDA) with potentially affected stakeholders – specifically communities, their members and other concerned parties.  Engagement has started and will continue throughout visioning, planning and implementation of all REDD+ activities. 

Read more on Liberia’s Forest Authority’s campaign to end deforestation here:




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