2011 - 2014


Natural Resources Management Programme

Key Staff:

Scott Geller

The Natural Resources Management Programme (NRMP) is a 4-year programme that will contribute to the implementation of the Vision 2030 long-term development strategy for Kenya, and specifically implementation of the first Medium-Term Plan through related sector strategies and sector development plans.

  • The £42 million programme was managed by the Government of Kenya (GoK) and has 3 components:
  • Environment and Climate Policy and Management
  • Decentralised Management of Natural Resources
  • Civil Society and Private Sector Management of Natural Resources.
  • Technical support managed by a consortium including LTS, NIRAS A/S and CAMCO Advisory Kenya.


The main focus of the NRMP was reduction of poverty through sustainable management of the environment and natural resources. The GoK aimed to tackle food security and decrease livelihood vulnerability in drought-prone districts.


The LTS consortium sort to build capacity in short term Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs) and dissemination of SEA guidelines to parliamentarians, lead agencies, provincial environmental committees, and district environmental committees, among others.

Value and benefits

The development of SEAs and subsequent dissemination of guidelines was extremely useful in providing the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) with a process that is able to deal with evaluating cumulative, synergistic, secondary and long-term impacts.

Please see the Programme’s website at for further information.

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Geography: Kenya

Date: 2011 - 2014

Keywords: NRMP, natural, resources, management, programme, Kenya

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