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Real Time Evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative

Key Staff:

Philippa Lincoln

Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) was launched during the climate change negotiations at Bali in December 2007, with commitments up to $500 million a year to support efforts that reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation and protect existing forest carbon stocks (REDD-plus) in developing countries to mitigate climate change. NICFI (i) works towards the inclusion of REDD+ in a new international climate regime; (ii) takes early action to achieve cost-effective and verifiable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions; and (ii) promotes the conservation of natural forests to maintain their carbon storage capacity.

LTS’s real-time evaluation services of NICFI provided to Norad’s Evaluation Department constituted approximately 11% of Norway’s aid budget, making demonstration of the value of this investment highly important. As NICFI is a complex evaluation object that operates at multiple scales, across more than 65 countries and through a multiple partners from civil society organisations to multilateral development banks, it has been necessary to build the opportunity of multi-way comparisons into our evaluation approach.

The LTS led consortium used cutting-edge methodological approaches to successively evaluate the progress of NICFI with regard to its objectives and the general objectives of Norwegian development cooperation, such as those related to livelihoods, economic and social development and the environment. The overall approach was guided by the OECD/DAC evaluation criteria. A range of theory based evaluation methods were applied: theories of change, outcome mapping, process tracing, portfolio analysis and case studies. These have relied on the use and development of a variety of mixed methods evaluation tools including quantitative surveys instruments; key informant interviews and content analysis.

LTS had the responsibility for strategic oversight, operational management and coordination of all key functions of the contract. LTS acted as the key interface with the Norad team and other stakeholders; managed the group of 35+ experts inputs; coordinated quality control of reports from experts; led and supported M&E processes at various levels; ensured effective contribution of Management Committee and Project Management and Core Team through effective work planning and review of progress with the respective team members; identified and recommended improvements in M&E processes; designed and applied evaluation methodology and data collection tools; facilitated exchanges experiences and identified improvements in support of drawing out lesson learned and best practice to inform NICFI; and presented evaluation findings in public hearings.

The evidence and results from the real-time evaluation services informed global debates around REDD+ and influenced a wider array of stakeholders: the Norwegian government (Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Foreign Affairs); the Norwegian Parliament, institutions, organisations, and the general public in Norway; multilateral organisations engaged in REDD+ and climate change activities; the international community, in terms of spreading knowledge concerning the achievement of both REDD+ and sustainable development; and the national REDD+ initiatives in target countries.

The results for LTS’s evaluation work widely recognised as the most thorough and politically balanced evaluation: Minister of Climate and Environment, Norway “The most comprehensive evaluation that has ever been undertaken on a Norwegian funded development initiative”

Six large individual evaluations have been conducted to date and more information about these is available on the individual project pages:

    • Global Policy Evaluation
    • National REDD+ Strategies Evaluation
    • Civil Society Evaluation
    • Contributions to the development of an international REDD+ regime (global in scope, focus on international policy)
    • Contributions to the development of national REDD+ strategies (field data collection in Brazil, DRC, Guyana, Indonesia and Tanzania
    • Support to Civil Society (field data collection in Cameroon, DRC, Indonesia, Norway, Peru, UK, US)

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You can now download the reports from the NICFI website here. Alternatively, click on any of the reports below to view their contents.



Clients: Norad Evaluation Department

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