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Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme

This assignment is to produce two short synthesis papers for DFID. The first summarising lessons learnt about the impacts of the Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme (MSFP) on community forestry in Nepal, and the second to assess the effectiveness of the MSFP programme modality in delivering programme outputs and outcomes.

  • Community forestry in Nepal has lead the way at an international level, so lessons from Nepal are important.
  • LTS is applying a small team of Nepali and international expertise covering forest management, governance and communication expertise.
  • They are working closely with DFID Nepal and key Nepali/MSFP stakeholders.


Building on 20 years of support to the forest sector in Nepal, the MSFP (funded by DFID, the Swiss and Finland) set out as a ten-year programme but is closing early.  As the main funder of MSFP, DFID wants to learn about the achievements and constraints faced in the MSFP story, to inform future programming.


Through literature review, field research and stakeholder consultation, the LTS team will collate, analyse and synthesise findings on:

  • the impacts MSFP has achieved on reducing poverty and improving the sustainability of forest management in Nepal; and
  • the effectiveness of the MSFP programme modality in delivering programme outputs and outcomes.

The findings will be prepared into two ten-page papers, accompanied by super-summaries, with full graphic design.

Value and benefits

The papers will be used to inform DFID’s Project Completion Report of MSFP. It will also be used to share the experience of MSFP with DFID Advisers, DFID Senior Management and, where appropriate, with the international forestry community. The lessons presented in the papers will be of wider relevance to DFID programming in Nepal and beyond.

Clients: Department for International Development



Geography: Nepal

Date: 2016

Keywords: Multi-stakeholder forestry, Nepal, Forest governance,

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