2012 - 2012


Mid-Term Review of the Swedish Financing Support to the Rural Energy Fund

Key Staff:

Brendan Howard

The objective of this Mid-Term Review (MTR) was to assess progress and advise if there is any need for adjustment in the ongoing cooperation between Sweden and Tanzania in the area of rural electrification. The MTR summarised obtained and expected results in relation to the Rural Energy Agency’s (REA) Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. The study also looked into the efficiency of funding rural energy projects through the Rural Energy Fund (REF) effectiveness of the support, including results (output) achieved so far of the REF financing; feasibility of procedures and work plans in relation to REA guiding documents; sustainability of REF as a funding mechanism; and the likely long term impact of the REF.

LTS provided an expert in rural energy and programme evaluations in Tanzania. The LTS expert contributed to the team with his valuable knowledge of rural energy in Tanzania, specifically: the funding of the Rural Energy Fund including Government budget allocations and actual transfers, other inflows, total inflow and outflow of funds, and cash management procedures and rapid site visits to projects supported by REA/REF in Morogoro, Dodoma and coastal regions. The LTS expert’s contacts with organisations and individuals in the field of rural energy were of great value to the MTR. He was also responsible for planning and organising of the field visits.


Clients: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

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