2007 - 2007


A Study for the Establishment of a Multiple Use Marine Park

LTS was contracted to take a lead in this study. Specific tasks included reviewing the relevant documents, convening a stakeholders workshop to provide local technical input and ensuring stakeholder support and determining, in consultation with major stakeholders and the wider community, the location and extent of the site or sites for establishment of a sustainable, multiple use marine protected area. LTS also conducted a survey to identify the boundaries, zones, potential boundary marker sites, potential dive sites, and generalised surveys to record species richness and diversity within the area of the proposed Marine Protected Area; this provided a proposed monitoring methodology, tested at several sites. LTS staff also prepared a comprehensive sustainable multiple-use marine park management plan for use by the Government of Montserrat, which accommodates within appropriate management regimes a broad spectrum of human activities compatible with the primary goal of a marine protected area.

Clients: Montserrat Tourist Board

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