2003 - 2006


Forestry Sector Development in Northern Montenegro Project

To support the Government of Montenegro in the transition to a market economy, this project aimed to support the whole state forest sector, from planning and execution of forest resource management to the processing of final wood products including their marketing. The key areas in forest resources include forest management planning and seedling production. In the wood utilising sector the project aimed to improve both the wood-raw material procurement and the processing capability of the industry. Selected state-owned forest enterprises and processing industries were revitalised by providing logging and wood processing equipment, supplemented by appropriate training and technical assistance. LTS provided the International Project Coordinator and project management and technical support. The IPC was responsible for organising the project implementation in the North East region and in Podgorica and reported directly to Lux-Development on Project implementation.

Clients: Lux-Development



Geography: Montenegro

Date: 2003 - 2006

Keywords: forests, management, technical assistance, Forest Governance, Montenegro, Europe

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