2013 - 2013


Mid-Term Review of Norwegian funded LiDAR Project in Tanzania

Key Staff:

Philippa Lincoln

The objective of the mid term review of the Norwegian funded LiDAR project in Tanzania was to:

(i) Assess the extent to which the goal, purpose and outputs as defined in the Project document have been met as at the date of the evaluation, and assess the likelihood of achieving them within the Project timeframe

(ii) Assess the impact, effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of the Project implementation and management arrangements; and

(iii) Assess the sustainability of the capacity development component especially in terms of resulting in effective capacity development within MRV in Tanzania.

The review looked at the relevance of the original project design and project implementation in the context of the evolving international REDD+ dialogue/negotiations (e.g. the evolution of REDD+ towards “landscape-based approaches”), and the demands that this will put on Tanzania’s REDD+ readiness. Further, MRV systems and associated methodological approaches must be cost effective, relevant and fit for purpose in relation to national circumstances and strategies. As such the MTR assessed, as required, the extent to which the content and the implementation approach of the Project was consistent with global REDD+ requirements and priorities as well as Tanzania’s needs and priorities.

LTS provided the following services:

  • Contribution to the interview framework and questions
  • Documentation review summaries, issues and opinions
  • Overall review of MTR Draft Report

Clients: Royal Norwegian Embassy



Geography: Tanzania

Date: 2013

Keywords: Tanzania, LiDAR, REDD+, MRV, Africa, MTR, review, evaluation, Climate Change, M&E

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