2016 - 2016


Mid-term Review of Malawi Livelihood programs

Key Staff:

Kirsty Wilson

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Lilongwe is funding four development projects as part of its Agriculture and Food Security Portfolio. The purpose of the Mid-Term Review is to assess the achievement of the four projects against the goals, impacts and outputs outlined in the projects document, and propose recommendations for future work and support.

  • Implemented by LTSM Chitukuko Ltd
  • Total contract value: £39,838 GBP
  • The four projects are being assessed individually and as a portfolio


Although the projects differ in their methods of implementation, and in their areas of emphasis, the overall goals are similar, sometimes identical. This, and the potential for inter-project learning, is why the Mid Term Reviews need to be conducted for all four projects simultaneously, as well as assessed overall as a portfolio.


The LTS-led team will:

  • Analyse context, beneficiary needs, project designs, logical frameworks and assumptions;
  • Support the development of appropriate project logic models, indicators and assumptions;
  • Consult with stakeholders (beneficiaries, with field visits);
  • Utilise reliable and appropriate methods for data analysis (e.g. Theory of Change, contribution analysis, institutional analysis, financial analysis);
  • Develop clear and actionable (owned) recommendations;
  • Propose recommendations on inter-project learning, on relevance of programmes for Malawi sectoral and development policies, and on managing risks in future.

Values and Benefits

A workshop to share the review findings and to jointly agree on conclusions and recommendations will be held. This will create a safe space for project implementers to explore what the findings mean for them and develop a jointly owned set of review recommendations that can feasibly be implemented.

Clients: Norad



Geography: Malawi

Date: 2016

Keywords: Climate Smart Agriculture, Conservation Agriculture

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