2007 - 2007

Sri Lanka:

Mid Term Review of Buffer Zone Restoration and Development in Knuckles Forest Reserve

This mid term review was of a project “To enhance the sustainable conservation of biological diversity and ecosystem services in the Knuckles Forest Reserve (KFR), Sri Lanka, by addressing the main threats to environmental protection through the development of options for buffer zone management that improve the livelihoods of local communities.” The project worked with communities in the two districts of Kandy & Matele that encompass the Knuckles Forest Reserve & its buffer zone. The project was aligned to the Sri Lanka NBSAP which recognises the biodiversity value of the wet zone forests and promotes the natural regeneration of degraded areas. The NBSAP states the importance of working with the communities around the Conservation Area in the Buffer Zone and states that the Forestry Department is adopting participatory approaches to management. The NBSAP also acknowledges the value of research from the University of Peradeniya in informing implementation of the NBSAP.

Clients: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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