2007 - 2007


Mid Term Review of ADEPT – Agricultural Development & Environmental Protection in Transylvania

The review encompassed both a desktop study and site visit combined with interviews with the United Kingdom and Romanian project team, project partners and beneficiaries. The project was implemented by the ADEPT Foundation, which is based in the UK and Romania in cooperation with wide range of Romanian partners. The purpose of the project was to To assess and conserve the biodiversity of a 90,000 ha area of the South East Transylvania, a hilly mid-altitude region with biodiversity of European importance within a historic rural landscape (over 50% of the area represents habitats listed under EU Habitats Directive, many being priority habitats, with many species listed in Habitats and Birds Directives).

Photo credit: Paul Bica

Clients: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Encouraging to hear of the UK Government's intention to unlock climate benefits and protect biodiversity in futureā€¦
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