2004 - 2004


Mid Term Review of A National Plan for Carnivore Conservation in Tanzania

The Mid-Term Review (MTR) was primarily intended to provide an external perspective on project progress and future direction for the benefit of the UK and host country institutions, and the Darwin Initiative. The aim was to assist a project increase efficiency and effectiveness, as well as draw out lessons for the Darwin Initiative as a whole. In the case of “A National Plan for Carnivore Conservation in Tanzania”, the in-country visit took place from 16-20 February 2004, approximately 16 months into the three year work plan. The Team Leader, Dr Sarah Durant, Institute of Zoology, along with her five colleagues (listed below), several collaborators, and the Director of the host/partner institution (Dr Charles Mlingwa, Tanzanian Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI)), all participated fully in semi-structured interviews to facilitate the review. In addition, meetings were held with a range of stakeholder groups, including tour operators and hotel/lodge managers.



Geography: Tanzania

Date: 2004

Keywords: MTR, Darwin, Darwin Initiative, DEFRA, national plan, carnivore, conservation, Tanzania

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